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Cut of Federal Govt Spending Causing Downgrading of Fairfield County Bonds?

Late last week it was reported that the towns of Fairfield and Westport received a “negative outlook” from Moody’s credit rating agency, in the wake of the S & P downgrade of the US federal credit status from AAA to AA+. Currently, Westport and Fairfield hold AAA credit ratings.   A negative outlook is not a downgrade, but it is a warning that a downgrade could occur.

In an exclusive interview with municipal bond expert Carolyn Frzopf of Janney, Montgomery Securities, I learned that Moody’s is considering downgrading the credit ratings of several Fairfield County towns because Moody’s is afraid that the cutting of federal government spending will reduce the income available to those towns. Ms. Frzopf is the manager of many local government funds and was on the telephone conference call organized by Weston First Selectman Gayle Weinstein last Monday. Also on the call were various First Selectmen, Mayors and independent financial advisors of Easton, Norwalk, Westport, Greenwich and many other municipalities. They made their pitch to Moody’s that such fears had no foundation in fact, and that these towns had plenty of money to pay their obligations.  Ms. Frzopf agrees with that, and stresses that each town has independent yearly auditing and rigorous financial oversight.   She views this scare as a non-event.  However, Moody’s said it will make a final decision within 90 days.      

When Moody’s was asked if they are considering downgrades to Hartford and other parts of the state, they said no.  Moody’s did not answer why Fairfield County was deemed more susceptible to loss than other parts of the state.

Why does it matter?  Because credit ratings determine how much money a town has to pay in interest on the bonds it issues.  The lower the credit rating, the higher the rate of interest, because the higher the risk of the investment. If a town has to pay a higher rate of interest on its obligations, it has to raise the money from somewhere else. That somewhere else is usually taxpayer dollars. Therefore, it is in our interest, as taxpayers to these towns, to ensure that our towns continue to manage their money- i.e. , our money- with as much prudence and rigor as possible.

In the meantime, here are a few interesting tidbits I discovered:

1.      Hearst Publications has a financial interest in Fitch, one of the three largest credit ratings.  The other two are Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s ( S & P). I haven’t connected the dots yet on this, but for some reason this fact interests me.

2.      CT is actually suing Fitch, Moody’s and S & P for violations of the CT Unfair Trade Practices Act, on the grounds that those rating organizations steered investors improperly. The allegation is that the ratings agencies have a financial interest in other companies as well, and that the ratings they gave may have made those companies more attractive, while other ratings may have made competitors less attractive. Maybe Point One connects to Point Two? Help- I’m not terribly shrewd at this.

3.      Our new Attorney General, George Jepsen, recused himself from the lawsuit mentioned in Point Two because he represented S & P as a private attorney.  What a very small world!


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A PieceA Lisa Podcast

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How to Hear the Show, Now or Later

The new two class system in America is married vs unmarried  A PieceA Lisa 7/16/12

Stuyvesant High School cheating scandal.  No punishment given!  What are we teaching our kids? 
A PieceA Lisa 7/10/12

44 Million dollars for 5 days of work!!?  Insanity!  But that is exactly what Duke Energy, a public utilities company paid to its CEO, who they fired after 5 days! A PieceA Lisa 7/6/12

Lisa takes a look at what America's middle class looks like now.  What will the recent SCOTUS decision mean? 
A PieceA Lisa 6/29/12

Apple's compensation to their front line sales force, the ones directly impacting their bottom line is beyond GROSS!  A PieceA Lisa 6/26/12

The SCOTUS has just ruled on the constitutionality of imprisoning children for life without parole.  A surprising 5-4 decision.  A PieceA Lisa 6/25/12


*Graphic Adult Content* Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is on trial for being an alleged pedophile.  Lisa updates listeners on the very latest.  A PieceA Lisa 6/12/12

The Wisconsin Recount fails to unseat Governor.  A PieceA Lisa 6/6/12

The case for changing the Presidential election procedure to a one 6 year term.  Hear Lisa's take on how it would help take some fo the enormous money and corruption out of the process.  A PieceA Lisa 6/4/12

Obama grants unprecedented access to classified information about the killing of Osama Bin Laden to Hollywood movie producer Katherine Bigelow.  Unbelievable!  A PieceA Lisa 5/22/12

The Catholic church sues the Obama administration over heatlh care madate provisions.  A PieceA Lisa 5/23/12

The United States has the disgusting designation of being the only country on earth with laws that imprison kids for life with no chance of parole!  A PieceA Lisa 5/16/12

Former White House press secretary for the George W. Bush administration Ari Fleischer joins Lisa today to discuss fairness in the media.  A PieceA Lisa 5/15/12

Will President Obama's view on the rights of gays to marry be a game changer in this election?  A PieceA Lisa 5/14/12

Outlawing bake sales?  Is this what it has come too?  We need to get a handle on this or the government will!  A PieceA Lisa 5/8/12

The gay marriage debate is heating up and looks like it will be a focus of the 2012 elections.  Where do you stand?  A PieceA Lisa 5/7/12


A university student is left in a DEA holding cell in California and forgotten about for 5 days!  By the time they find him he is close to death.  A PieceA Lisa 5/2/12

The John Edwards trial begins.  A PieceA Lisa 5/1/12

A New Jersey father who suspects teachers are mis-treating his autistic son puts a wire on the boy.  You won't believe what he catches teachers saying and doing!  A PieceA Lisa 4/26/12

Update on Trayvon Martin Case.  George Zimmerman is out on bail.  Lisa looks at why we all need to make sure that he is safe and has his day in court.  A PieceA Lisa 4/23/12

11 Secret Service agents alledgedly hired prostitutes in Colombia while on duty to protect the President.  A PieceA Lisa 4/16/12

Do private religious based schools have the right to fire teachers who become pregnant without being married?  Hear why Lisa says NO!  A PieceA Lisa 4/12/12

Lisa is joined in the stuido today by her sister Jill Zarin and mother Gloria Kamen to discuss whether workplace romances are something that should be allowed.  A PieceA Lisa 4/10/12

A Texas hospital has decided it will no longer hire obese worksers.  A PieceA Lisa 4/9/12

White Plains police, responding to a medic alert, end up breaking down the door and killing the 68 year old resident.  Lisa talks to the victims son, Kenneth Chamberlain jr.  A PieceA Lisa 4/4/12

Obama is acting more like a dictator than a President!  He needs to be held responsible for going back on his word and signing more than 80 domestic executive orders!  Outrageous!  A PieceA Lisa 4/3/12

Where Obama once saw a 5% lead with likely women voters he now enjoys a 30% margin over the republican canindates!  Lisa tells why she thinks this is happening.  A PieceA Lisa 4/2/12

Lisa tells why she believes the Supreme Court should rule "Obamacare" unconstitutional, and instead institute a medicare type coverage for all Americans.  A PieceA Lisa 3/26/12

Lying to get out of jury duty?  Beware!  A PieceA Lisa 3/22/12

Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin and others Unite!  Enough is Enough!  A PieceA Lisa 3/19/12

"Trust Fund Babies"  Is it responsible parenting?  A PieceA Lisa 3/16/12

Another soldier charged with killing innocent Afghani civilians.  Lisa believes that soldiers should be limited to one deployment and argues for the return of the draft.  Hear why.  A PieceA Lisa 3/12/12


A suburban New York soccer mom has been arrested for running a prostitution ring for the past 15 years!  Lisa takes a look at the much bigger lesson we should take from this story.  A PieceA Lisa 3/7/12

A Colorado school principal calls the police on a 5th grade student after she "back talks" him!  A PieceA Lisa 3/6/12

Deporting the children.  Lisa takes a look at a current case involving a girl who graduated top of her class and is currently on the waiting list to attend Yale University, and now faces deportation because her parents brought her here when she was a small child and over stayed their visa's.  A PieceA Lisa 3/5/12

A close look at the charges in the Tyler Clemente case.  A PieceA Lisa 2/29/12


The contraception debate.  Unbelievable we are having a "debate" on this subject in 2012  A PieceA Lisa 2/27/12

The death of Whitney Houston seems to have shocked the world.  But why?  Is it really shocking?  Isn't this the normal end to a life lived this way?  A PieceA Lisa 2/13/12


Obama sets a terrible precedent in his bowing to the pressure of a religious organization when setting women's health care policy.  A PieceA Lisa 2/10/12


The cost of college and the student loans saddled on our kids before they even start in their careers is out of control!!  We have to do better!  A PieceA Lisa 2/9/12

Polygamy seems to be coming into "fashion" with shows like TLC's "Sister Wives".  Lisa gives the reasons why Americans should shun this lifestyle.  A PieceA Lisa 2/6/12

Lisa takes a look at the new "Tebow" homeschool sports bill.  Supporters would like to allow homeschooled children to try out and play on local public school teams.  A PieceA Lisa 2/7/12

Lisa takes a look at Susan G Komen's controversial decision to defund Planned Parenthood and the subsequent reversal of that decision.  A PieceA Lisa 2/3/12

Disgusting story in making headlines today about an elementary teacher who had been sexually assaulting the children in his care for the past 5 years.  A PieceA Lisa 2/1/12

A San Francisco school accuses a 6 year old student of sexual assault after bumping into another student while playing tag on the playground.  They wanted to put a sexual assault on his permanent school record!!  A PieceA Lisa 1/30/12

Google is about to change the user privacy policies and you won't be able to opt out if you disagree with what they want to be able to save and share.  A PieceA Lisa 1/26/12

Adoptions and the rules governing the childrens rights to know where they came from need to change.  A PieceA Lisa 1/25/12

Presidential canindate Rick Santorum shares his view on rape victims and abortions.  I couldn't disagree more!  A PieceA Lisa 1/24/12

Wow!  Women will be able to buy their lingerie from other women instead of men now in Saudia Arabia!  This is progress?  How pathetic.  Where are the women today?  A PieceA Lisa 1/23/12

A 10 year old murderer?  How can we charge a 10 year old child with murder?  A PieceA Lisa 1/20/12

"Fracking" in New York must be stopped!  Hear from expert Doug Woods about the dangers to our environment and the public health.  A PieceA Lisa 1/18/12

If you are concerned about your health you may want to avoid being led like sheep through the "Back Scatter" x-ray style machines being used by the TSA in our airports and opting for the pat down instead.  A PieceA Lisa 1/17/12

New studies suggest that giving our children "false praise" does not help their self esteem, but in fact hurts them in the long run.  A PieceA Lisa 1/16/12

Lisa shares the "secrets" behind her successful 30 year marriage.  You don't want to miss this! A PieceA Lisa 1/13/12

Forget smarts, morals, or even having a plan for the country.  If you don't have millions of dollars and/or plenty of influence, you have no chance at becoming President.  Things may be changing, I'll tell you why.  A PieceA Lisa 1/11/12

Day two of the New Hampshire republican primary.  Lisa has surprise guest today "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzenzski.  A PieceA Lisa 11012

LIVE from the New Hampshire Primary in Manchester, Lisa talks with Republican Presidential hopeful Buddy Roemer.  A PieceA Lisa 1/9/12

Hear why Lisa believes that if the U.S. decides to fight another war then we need to reinstate the draft.  A PieceA Lisa 1/4/12

Police from a town in Massachusettes were sent to woman's home to collect overdue library book fines!  Police brutality?  You decide!  A PieceA Lisa 1/3/12

Obama proves he is a weak leader, again. APieceA Lisa 1/2/12

Government now wants to create huge data base with our kids school records, report cards and more!  Unbeliveable!  A PieceA Lisa 12/28/11

The TSA isn't just for our airports anymore.  When will we decide enough is enough?  A PieceA Lisa 12/27/11

Christmas means peace, love, joy and sneaker riots?  $180.00 NIKE Air Jordan sneakers causing near riots in cities across the country.  You won't believe this story!  A PieceA Lisa 12/26/11

The University of Vermont chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon has been suspended after the fraternity concluded a survey by asking members, "Who would you like to rape?"  A PieceA Lisa 12/21/11

The shady backroom deals are out of control in Washington.  It must stop, now!  A PieceA Lisa 12/20/11

A new study suggests that working mothers are happier than their stay at home counterparts.  Share your story.  A PieceA Lisa 12/15/11      

Lisa talks with Cong. Jim Himes about Congressional Insider Trading. A PieceA Lisa 12/15/11

Lisa talks with Gov. Mike Huckabee, they debate the issue of reproductive rights. A PieceA Lisa 12/6/11

Lisa talks about the slights and insults during this time- thin-skinned, or just naive? A PieceA Lisa 11/26/11

Lisa talks to the ghost who crashed her internet service today while trying to do the radio show from her home. A PieceA Lisa 11/09/11

Lisa is joined in the the studio today by Fulbright Scholar and humanitarian Maria Pacheco.  Ms. Pacheco talks about the work she is doing  in her native Guatemala to help the very poor.  A PieceA Lisa 11/02/11

Adult Trick or Treaters?? The Chutzpah!  Do you have adults coming with their own bags or pillowcases wanting candy on Halloween?  How do you handle it?  A PieceA Lisa 10/28/11

So, with the interest rates being at all time lows you might think that borrowing money for college would be among the lowest types of borrowing one can do right now, you would be wrong!  Don't miss this eye opening report.  A PieceA Lisa 10/25/11

Sex Education is getting more explicit.  Lisa explains some of the new curriculum.  Would you be alright with your child learning what they are wanting to teach?  Also, hear where the kings and queens of Silcone Valley are sending their children.  It might surprise you.  A PieceA Lisa 10/24/11

Lisa welcomes Mike Brzezinksi, co-host of the Morning Joe Show on MSNBC.  Mika shares some of what she has learned during her media career, including why "Knowing your value" is so important to success.  A PieceA Lisa 10/21/11

Connie Greenfield of "Save Westport Now" fills Lisa and her listeners in on their current fight to stop what they see as the over development of the downtown area.  A PieceA Lisa 10/19/11

There seems to be a movement gaining support in this country to abolish or at the very least change substantially the way the electoral college works for our national elections.  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 10/14/11

Connecticut Senate hopeful Linda McMahon updates Lisa from the campaign trail.  A PieceA Lisa 10/12/11

Dr. Arnold Kriegstein, former Westporter, and Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at U.C. S. F., talks about the possibilities and controversy surrounding stem cell research  A PieceA Lisa 10/11/11

Lisa invites Daniel Sieberg on today to discuss the passing of Steve Jobs and what a legacy he has left behind.  Daniel is an ABC tech contributor and author of the book "The Digital Diet".  A PieceA Lisa 10/6/11

Lisa talks with author Kathleen Flinn about her new book "The Kitchen Counter Cooking School".  A PieceA Lisa 10/3/11

Lisa takes a look at a recent story reporting the obvious wide spread cheating that is happening with taking the ACT or SAT college entrance exams.  Is this fraud?  Should the cheater be arrested?  A PieceA Lisa 9/28/11

Lisa and her mother (Gloria Kamen) discuss two major outbreaks of alleged police brutality in New York City and Los Angeles.  A PieceA Lisa 9/27/11

Facebook is now allowing users to see who and when someone "unfriends" them.  Hear why Lisa doesn't think that is a good idea.  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 9/26/11

Lisa reports on a 600 year old Chinese carnival that would traditionally butcher and eat dogs and cats.  The carnival was finally cancelled this year, and social media is being the credited for ending this barbaric practice.  A  PieceA Lisa 9/23/11

Lisa talks with Linda McMahon who has just announced her plans to seek for the secondtime, the republican endorsement for Connecticut's  senate seat. A PieceA Lisa 9/21/11

Lisa's guest today is Mike Lupica, NYT bestselling author and one of the most prominent sports columnists in America about his new young adult book "Underdogs".  A PieceA Lisa 9/20/11

Lisa chats with Deidre Imus, a pioneer in the "green" revolution and NYT best selling author of the "Green This!" series.  A PieceA Lisa 9/19/11

Lisa talks with Professor Michael Mandelbaum, co-author of the new book "That Used To Be Us:  How America fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back"  A PieceA Lisa 9/13/11

Lisa takes a look at Texas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry's "perks" while serving in the lonestar state.  A PieceA Lisa 9/12/11

Lisa takes a look at climate change and the way some of the current republican presidential candidates addressed the subject at the recent debate.  A PieceA Lisa 9/8/11

Lisa welcomes guests Bob Zappi, chairman of the Republican town council, Connie Greenfield of "Save Westport Now" and Jim Ezzes, chairman of the Democratic town council to discuss the pending zone changes in Westport.  A PieceA Lisa 9/7/11

Lisa talks with funny man Martin Short.  A PieceA Lisa 9/5/11

Is it surprising to learn that today's "cash crops" are the porn industry and illegal drug trade?  Why do you think that is the case?  Hear Lisa's take.  A PieceA Lisa 9/1/11

The Gold Rush is on in America!  Lisa brings on gold expert Joe Candella to tell us what we need to know before we trade in our old gold jewelry for cash.  A PieceA Lisa 8/18/11

The government will start requiring Cigarette makers to attach graphic pictures and harsh warnings to try and disuade their customers from buying their product.  Is this fair?  Why only cigarettes?  What about alcohol producers or fatty food makers?  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 8/17/11

Lisa takes a look at "2 Minus 1 Pregnancy", which now allows a woman who is pregnant with twins to elect to carry only one.  Is this immoral?  Where does it fit into the abortion rights debate?  A PieceA Lisa 8/15/11

Lisa's guest is senior sustainability analyst Aditi Mohapatra.  Ms. Mohapatra recently wrote an article which appears in Forbes Women magazine entitled "Are there really boards with no women?" which takes a look at why women are still not being appointed to serve on corporate boards.  A PieceA Lisa 8/11/11

Many people are fed up with Obama's "reasonable" and "moderate" style of approaching our problems.  Do you agree?  What do you think he should be doing/saying at this time?  A PieceA Lisa 8/9/11

Lisa's guest today is geopolitical strategist Dr. Richard Medley of RHM Global.  Dr. Medley offers insight on America's debt, the stock market crash and more.  A PieceA Lisa 8/8/11

A large New York bank has decided to start charging their clients a fee for large deposits!  What is going on in this world?  How can fix this country?  Can it be fixed or is it just too late?  A PieceA Lisa 8/5/11

Renowned Astrologer and Feng Shui expert Ellen Whitehurst joins Lisa to discuss the current state of the stock market, President Obama's 50th birthday and more!  A PieceA Lisa 8/4/11

Officials in Jiangmen, China are banning their people from keeping dogs as pets!  Next week, owners can begin taking their dogs to drop off centers where they will be either adopted out to more rural dwelling residents or killed.  A PieceA Lisa 8/3/11

The Obama administrationannounced new expanded women’s health regulationsMonday, classifying contraceptives as preventive services and requiring that health insurers provide them without co-pays for customers.  Some religious groups are outraged.  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 8/02/11

Lisa discusses President Obama's recent passing over of Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Is it a case of politics as usual?  Sexism?  A PieceA Lisa 7/19/11

Lisa talks with #1 Best Selling Author Daniel Silva about his new novel, "Portrait of a Spy".  A PieceA Lisa 7/19/11

Lisa talks with Screenwriter Richard LaGravenese about his new film "Water for Elephants" based on the novel by Sara Gruen.  A PieceA Lisa 7/15/11

Why does Lisa believe that Rupert Murdoch and his phone hacking News International organization is going to "go down hard".  A PieceA Lisa 7/14/11

Rabbi Hecht joins Lisa to talk about the abduction and murder of 8 year old Leiby Kletzy.  A PieceA Lisa 7/13/11

Washington's new buzz word seems to be "debt ceiling".  What does it all mean?  A PieceA Lisa 7/12/11

Lisa discusses the "not guilty" verdict rendered in the highly publicized case against murder suspect Casey Anthony.  A PieceA Lisa 7/11/11

Lisa's guest today is #1 best selling author of the Stephanie Plum novels, as well as scores of other titles, Janet Evanovich.  A PieceA Lisa 7/6/11

Lisa talks with Al Fadi, a former Wahabbi Muslim, regarding the rights of women living under Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia.  A PieceA Lisa 7/5/11

Lisa reports on the recent decision by a panel of federal judges in Michigan to reinstate affirmative action.  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 7/1/11

A new study finds that nearly half of all colledge educated "Generation X" women are childless.  Lisa looks at how expectations on women have changed in a matter of a few short years and why.  A PieceA Lisa 6/30/11

Following an interview with CT state employee union representative Larry Doorman, Lisa gives her opinon on the failed ratification of the tentative agreement set before union members and what it is likely to mean to employees and their families. A PieceA Lisa 6/28/11

A follow up to the recent news about Delta forming a "Skyteam Alliance" with Saudi Arabia Airlines, and Lisa shares a terrible story about what the TSA did to a 95 year old incontinent traveler.  A PieceA Lisa 6/27/11

What was Delta thinking?  Delta's new "Skyteam Alliance" with Saudi Arabian Airlines has many Americans upset.  Will they have to comply with well known SA governments discrimination against Jews, women traveling alone, etc.  A PieceA Lisa 6/24/11

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is make huge "waves" in the publishing world right now.  Lisa explains why and looks at whether the author is being fair.  A PieceA Lisa 6/23/11

Did you realize that the TSA is not only in our airports, but also making "random" searches in our bus terminals, train stations, etc.  Now they want more money for more searches.  When do we say enough!?  A PieceA Lisa 6/22/11

Lisa talks with "Wild, Wild West" actor Robert Conrad about his career in Hollywood as well as his current job as host of his own radio program.  A PieceA Lisa 6/21/11

Lisa explores Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein's article regarding peoples need to "keep up with the Joneses".  Are you suffering with this afflicition?  Lisa admits that she did at one time.  Can you relate?  A PieceA Lisa 6/20/11

Lisa and some of her listeners examine and discuss the subject of gay marriage.  A PieceA Lisa 6/17/11

Lisa chats with "The Master of the Mic", Larry King!  A PieceA Lisa 6/16/11

More details are emerging surrounding the "sexting" scandal involving Congressman Anthony Weiner.  Do you think that Congressman Weiner should resign?  Can he still be an effective leader?  A  PieceA Lisa 6/9/11

A talk about extremes, including weather and population.  Lisa asks the question "Are we as a human race prepared for what is coming or are we living in denial?".  A PieceA Lisa 6/8/11

Lisa updates her listeners on the case involving Tonya McDowell, a homeless woman who is being prosecuted for enrolling her child in a Norwalk, CT school, while not actually residing in the district.  A PieceA Lisa 6/7/11

Lisa shares a recent story involving parents who have decided to raise their child "gender nuetral".  A PieceA Lisa 6/1/11

Lisa discusses a case coming out of Oregon involving parents who believe in "faith healing" and refuse to get their daughter the help she needs to save her vision.  A PieceA Lisa 5/30/11

Lisa talks about the new oridinance that some residents of Santa Monica, CA want to pass that would outlaw all circumcisions.  A PieceA Lisa 5/27/11

Lisa chats with comedian, actress, author and singer, Sandra Bernhard.  A PieceA Lisa 5/26/11

Lisa welcomes former Arkansas Governor and host of Fox Television show "Huckabee", Mike Huckabee.  Mr. Huckabee shares his very personal reasons for not seeking the republican nomination for President in 2012 as well as his views on Israel and much more.  A PieceA Lisa 5/24/11

Lisa discusses bullying.  Hear her interview a young local girl who was forced to leave her private school and enroll in public school because of the relentless bullying she endured.  Lisa's mother also calls in to give her reaction.  A PieceA Lisa 5/23/11

Lisa disccusses President Obama's laying out a more detailed U.S. vision for how the Israelis and Palestinians should resolve their dispute over borders based on pre-1967 war lines with agreed swaps.  A PieceA Lisa 5//19/11

Lisa talks with television correspondent and best selling author Rita Cosby about her new book "Quiet Hero:  Secrets from My Father's Past".  A PieceA Lisa 5/18/11

Lisa talks with Kathie Lee Gifford about her feelings on the breaking news of the infidelity that caused the breakup of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. A PieceA Lisa 5/17/11

Common sense.  Lisa believes it is about time that we start using it again.  A PieceA Lisa 5/13/11

Lisa talks with broadcast journalist Deoborah Norville about a disturbing story involving a mother who is injecting her 8 year old daughter with botox!  A PieceA Lisa 5/12/11

Lisa talks with former New York Times reporter Janny Scott about her new book "A Singular Woman:  The untold story of Barrack Obama's mother".  A PieceA Lisa 5/11/11

Lisa believes that President Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to immigration.  What do you think?  A PieceA Lisa 5/10/11

Alan Osmond, brother of Marie, and his son David, tell Lisa of their short notice about maries remarriage to her first husband, what dress she wore, and why Alan thinks Marie is "worthy" to enter the Mormon temple. A PieceA Lisa 5/5/11


Lisa talks with Ray Hanania.  Mr. Hanania is an Arab-American Palestinian Christian journalist also known for his stand-up comedyA PieceA Lisa 5/4/11

Lisa discusses the news of the death of Osama Bin Laden with Brigitte Gabriel,an international terrorism analyst and founder of A PieceA Lisa 5/2/11

Lisa talks with Dr. William Rodman Shankle, a nuerologist who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Alzheimers Disease and related disorders.  A PieceA Lisa 4/29/11

Lisa gives an update on the case of Tanya McDowell, the CT homeless woman who was arrested for enrolling her child in the Norwalk school system.  A PieceA Lisa 4/27/11

Lisa talks with controversial author and political commentator Andrew Breitbart.  A PieceA Lisa 4/26/11

Lisa talks with CT Congressman (for the 4th District) Jim Himes.  A PieceA Lisa 4/25/11

Norwalk Mayor Moccia responds to the case involving a homeless woman who falsified her address to get her child into the Norwalk school system.  A PieceA Lisa 4/21/11B

Lisa talks about Jerry Seinfeld pulling out as the headliner for Donald Trump's son's charity because he disagrees with Mr. Trump's current political activity.  A PieceA Lisa 4/21/11

Lisa talks about the recent decision by the state of New York to add activities like wiffle ball and capture the flag to the list of high risk camp activities.  A PieceA Lisa 4/19/11

Lisa talkw with Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.  A PieceA Lisa 4/15/11

Lisa speaks with author Ann Louise Gittleman about her recently published book "Zapped:  Why your cell phone shouldn't be your alarm clock and 1,268 ways to outsmart the hazards of electrical pollution".  A PieceA Lisa 4/13/11

Lisa looks at the debate surrounding what our children should be eating at school.  A PieceA Lisa 4/12/11

Lisa discusses a report in USA today that finds 15% of American girls are reaching puberty by the age of 7!  A PieceA Lisa 4/11/11

Lisa talks about the recent interviews by Donald Trump about his possible presidential run, as well as his controversial views on President Obama's citizenship.  A PieceA Lisa 4/7/11

Lisa talks with Lucie Arnaz, who is celebrating 40 years in show business!  A PieceA Lisa 4/4/11

A dream comes true for Lisa as she talks with legendary global renaissance woman Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time.  A PieceA Lisa 3/30/11

A dream comes true for Lisa as she talks with legendary global renaissance woman Dr. Maya Angelou, one of the most renowned and influential voices of our time.

Lisa shares news affecting women and reproductive rights.  A PieceA Lisa 3/24/11

Lisa asks "What does a WIN in Libya and other parts of the Middle East even look like anymore?"  A PieceA Lisa 3/23/11

Lisa talks with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy about his new budget proposal for the state.  A PieceA Lisa 3/22/11

Lisa talks about the President's decision to commit money and military might to the situation in Libya.  A PieceA Lisa 3/21/11

"Should we be intervening in Libya?"  Lisa talks about both sides of the issue.  A PieceA Lisa 3/18/11

Lisa talks with Maxine Braten.  Maxine was recently diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) a form of blood cancer. A bone marrow transplant is essential for her survival.  A PieceA Lisa 3/15/11

Lisa talks with author and negotiating expert Stuart Diamond A PieceA Lisa 3/14/11

Lisa talks with 5 time grammy-nominated singer Michael Feinstein.  A PieceA Lisa 3/11/11

Lisa chats with Dr. Dickson Despommier, author of "Vertical Farm:  Feeding the world in the 21st century".  A PieceA Lisa 3/10/11

Lisa talks with author Linda Fairstein about her new book.  Linda was the Chief of Sex Crimes Unit of the district attorney’s office in Manhattan for over two decades and is America’s foremost legal expert on crimes of sexual assault and domestic violence.  A PieceA Lisa 3/8/11

Lisa shares some current news stories that are on her mind including the Peter King hearings and teachers being caught cheating.  A PieceA Lisa 3/71/11

Lisa's guests today are her sister Jill Zarin along with her parents Gloria and Sol Kamen.  The family weighs in on news making headlines including the proposed shut down of over 100 senior citizen centers in New York, and also how victims of the Bernie Madoff scandal are trying to get their money back.  A PieceA Lisa 3/4/11

Lisa talks about "Hydro Frakking" and the water pollution it is causing.  A PieceA Lisa 2/28/11

Lisa interviews Donna St. George, the mother at the center of a state supreme court child visitation decision, granting an old boyfriend visitation rights to her now 15 year old son.  Case has been going on for over 8 years.  A PieceA Lisa 2/25/11

Lisa talks with CT Congreassman Chris Murphy about environmental issues and natural gas "fracking".  A PieceA Lisa 2/24/11

Lisa talks about collective bargaining power with Lowell Tuner, Professor of International & Comparative Labor and
Collective Bargaining at The Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.  A PieceA Lisa 2/23/11

Lisa talks with Itamar Marcus, founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch.  A PieceA Lisa 2/22/11

Lisa visits with actor Charles Grodin in the studio.  A PieceA Lisa 2/18/11

Sean Hannity visits Lisa in the studio.  A PieceA Lisa 2/18/11 special

Lisa gets an update from Congressman Jim Himes.  A PieceA Lisa 2/18/11

Lisa talks about what she views as the descendancy of America.  A PieceA Lisa 2/17/11

Lisa talks about the assault on CBS news reporter, Lara Logan, by a mob of Egyptian protesters.  A PieceA Lisa 2/16/11

Lisa shares the details from an incredible child visitation lawsuit where a Connecticut family court judge recently granted visitation rights to a non related male friend of the family.  The mother of the child as well as the child himself did not want visitation.  A PieceA Lisa 2/15/11

Lisa's guest today is professional matchmaker Christie Nightengale.  A PieceA Lisa 2/14/11

Lisa delves into the current state of women's rights in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East.  A PieceA Lisa 2/11/11

Lisa talks about what she sees as the over-building and over-lapping of our government agencies including the FBI, CIA, the Department of Homeland Security and others.  A PieceA Lisa 2/10/11

Lisa reports on the "Muslim Brotherhood" inside Egypt.  Who are members of this group?  and what is the groups agenda?  A PieceA Lisa  2/9/11

Lisa talks with Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy.  A PieceA Lisa 2/8/11

Lisa talks with Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen.  A PieceA Lisa 2/7/11

Lisa chats with HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell about her new book "Addict Nation:  An intervention for America".  A Piecea Lisa 2/3/11

Lisa talks about the current uprising in Egypt and what is going on in other parts of the Middle East.  A PieceA Lisa 2/2/11

Lisa and a caller relay their personal stories of giving and receiving love on this icy winter day.  A charming podcast.  A PieceA Lisa 2/1/11

Lisa talks with Ziegler distinguished fellow and director of the Washington Institutes project on the Middle East Peace Process, David Makovsky about the current situation in Egypt.  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 2/1/11

Lisa talks with author Kitty Kelley about her book "Oprah".  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/31/11

Lisa talks with Bob Unruh, news editor at WorldNet Daily about the push to implement Sharia Law courts in the United States.  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/28/11

Lisa talks with Dottie Herman, CEO of Prudential Douglas Elliman, about the "art of the sale".  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/27/11

Lisa discusses the Pennsylvania case against Jordan Brown.  Brown is charged with murdering his fathers pregnant girlfriend when he was just an 11 year old minor.  The state wants to charge Brown, now 13, as an adult.  A PieceA Lisa 1/26/11

Lisa chats with artist Norman Gorbaty.  A PieceA Lisa 1/25/11

Lisa talks with Peggy Orenstein, the award-winning writer, editor and speaker about issues affecting girls and women.  Her latest book "Cinderella at my daughter" is due for release February, 2011.  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/24/11

Lisa talks with Gavin McKiernan, National Director of the Parents Television Council (PTC), an advocacy group dedicated to protecting children from graphic sex, violence, and profanity on television an other media.  A PieceA Lisa 1/21/11

Lisa discusses what she see's as Hollywood's fascination with the sexualizing of young people today with shows like MTV's "Skins".  A PieceA Lisa 1/20/11

Lisa takes a look at the current trend of single parenting going on in Hollywood right now.  A PieceA Lisa 1/19/11

Lisa reports on the recent announcement that Iran has outlawed all things having to do with Valentine's Day.  A PieceA Lisa 1/18/11

Lisa objects to Goldman Sachs prohibiting U.S. investors from participating in a private offering for social networking site Facebook.  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/17/11

Lisa talks with New York Times best selling author, Dean Koontz about his new book "What the Night Knows".  A PieceA Lisa Podcast 1/14/11

Lisa's guest today is Dr. Stephan Anthony Mayer, professor of Clinical Neurology and  Neurological Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center.  Dr. Mayer talks about recent Arizona shooting victim, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and what she may face in her road to recovery, as well as other recent advances in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries.  A PieceA Lisa 1/13/11

Lisa discusses the decision by Rhode Island Governor, Lincoln Chafee, to ban all state employees from talking to commercial talk radio hosts.  A PieceA Lisa 1/12/11

Lisa talks with Sally C. Pikes, Author of "The truth about Obamacare", about what Americans can expect with the newly signed health care bill, and why every American should work for its repeal.A PieceA Lisa 1/11/11

Lisa has a conversation with Daniel Gross, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of PAX, the country's largest non-lobbying organization dedicated to the gun violence issue.A PieceA Lisa 1/10/11

Lisa Discusses the latest science news surrounding an experimental gel that has been shown to prevent the spread of HIV.  The gel is said to contain small amounts of a certain drug to intended to treat Aids mixed with a Zinc compound.  Also, Autism and vaccinations have been the subject of great debate over the last decade or so, and now those original results have been declared fraudulent due to a manipulation of the data. A PieceA Lisa 1/6/11

Lisa talks with Connecticut state senator Toni Boucher, and CT Capitol Reports reporter Tom Dudchik about the current state of Connecticut and the 26th district. A PieceA Lisa 1/5/11

Lisa comments on the recent news that Mark Twain's classic novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is about to be censored to remove racially insensitive terms like the "N" word from the book. A PieceA Lisa 1/4/11

Lisa discusses the current controversy in Israel concerning the government support of the Yeshiva Borch and the proposed changes made by an ultra orthodox member of parliament. A PieceA Lisa 1/3/11

Lisa reports on a new study conducted by the "Parents Television Council".  The study concludes that Hollywood has become obsessed with over sexualizing teen girls. A PieceA Lisa 12/17

Lisa speaking with Dr. Alan Richman of Norwalk Radiology. A PieceA Lisa 12/16

Lisa reports on the Governments refusal to allow employees access to the New York Times, Israel's presumed use of a computer virus against Iranian nuclear technology, and more. A PieceA Lisa 12/15

Pearl Harbor Day, and Lisa takes some time to reflect on America's history and leadership. A PieceA Lisa 12/7

Lisa talks about a couple of stories in the news right now and why they bother her, including, Wikileaks and Janet Napolitano who is teaming up with Walmart to "make our nation safer".

A PieceA Lisa 12/6

Lisa talks with NY Times best selling author of  "The Obama Nation" and "Unfit for Command", Jerome Corsi about the Transportation Safety Administration's use of the new "backscatter" X-ray machines and their possible risks. A PieceA Lisa 12/2

Lisa talks with Dr. Keith Campbell about Narcissism and other so called personality disorders set to come off the list of psychological disorders. Narcissism may now be considered a personality trait. A PieceA Lisa 11/30

Lisa talks with Fred and Vicki Modell.  Vicki and Fred Modell began a foundation to study the causes and cures of Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome, which killed their son at the age of 15.  They speak from the heart about this affliction and the efforts they have made to prevent others' suffering. A PieceA Lisa 11/19

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch A PieceA Lisa 11/18

Lisa wants to know how it is that we have the same four faces leading Congress after this last election. Knock, Knock, is anybody listening?  Apparently not. A PieceA Lisa 11/17

An interview with Abraham Foxman, author of "Jews and Money" A PieceA Lisa 11/16

NLRB Facebook case re: firing of employee A PieceA Lisa 11/15

Interview with Mu Sochua on sex-trafficking. A PieceA Lisa 11/12

Should drug addicts be sterilized? A PieceA Lisa 11/10

Buried News A PieceA Lisa 11/09


Cold Cap Therapy Helps Women Going Through Chemotherapy Save Hair

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A simple cap may help thousands of breast cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. While doctors remain skeptical, grassroots groups of women are banding together to get the word out about cold cap therapy -- and the empowering effect it can have.

“Nobody wants to be a victim, and everyone reacts to that hair loss,” Shirley Billigmeier, co-founder of cold cap advocacy organization The Rapunzel Project and a breast cancer survivor, told AOL Health.

The controversial cold caps, which are simple caps cooled to below 30 degrees centigrade, can be worn during chemotherapy to halt hair loss. Scientists hypothesize that they freeze the hair follicle, essentially sending it into hibernation. Preliminary studies have shown that the caps help between 70 and 90 percent of users save their hair. Though the caps have been available for years and have been widely used in Europe, few medical professionals in the U.S. have yet supported them.

Billigmeier, who lives outside of Minneapolis, only learned about cold caps due to a chance conversation with her dermatologist. Billigmeier had been diagnosed with breast cancer at 59, in July 2009, and mentioned that she planned to buy a wig. Her dermatologist suggested that she speak with a local woman who was one of the first three people in the U.S. to keep her hair with a cold cap.

"I absolutely had to understand this better," says Billigmeier.

She dove into research, speaking with Frank Fronda, the inventor of Penguin Cold Caps. "Some of my friends thought, 'Oh my word, she's gone whacky, just humor her,'" she says.

Doctors, too, are often skeptical about the caps, which are precisely cooled and applied to the scalp before, during and after chemotherapy. Experiments with early versions of the caps in the 1980s found them to be ineffective. Many doctors strongly discourage use of the caps, worried that by blocking the hair follicle, the caps may block chemotherapy from busting cancer in the roots. They are not recommended for people with certain cancers -- especially blood-borne cancers that may circulate to the scalp. But breast cancer chemotherapy is usually administered after a mastectomy or lumpectomy as a preventative measure.

After speaking with women across the country that had used the caps, Billigmeier became convinced that a cap could make an enormous difference in her treatment.

"My husband said my energy went back to normal once I got a hold of the cap," she says.

The caps worked for Billigmeier, who paid $30 per cap per treatment -- a total of $1500 that she says was well worth it. She kept her long, thick hair throughout her three months of chemotherapy. She also believes that her positive experience helped her recover more quickly.

"When you feel better, you heal better," she says.

Billigmeier’s oncologist supported her choice but initially expressed concern that she would be disappointed if she lost her hair. After seeing her success, he has become a proponent of the caps, while noting that more research is needed.

In order to support such research, Billigmeier and her friend Nancy Marshall founded the non-profit Rapunzel Project. They aim to lobby for better clinical trials and more sustained studies. They also want to make cold caps easier to use, and have helped to donate biomedical freezers -- which enable medical staff to precisely cool each cap so that patients are not forced to use dry ice -- to hospitals in Minnesota and New York. They are currently planning to donate freezers to a Washington D.C. hospital and another hospital in Minnesota.

Billigmeier simply wants more women to have the option to use a cold cap.

"When I felt I could keep my hair, I felt empowered," says Billigmeier. "I reclaimed choice and identity, and it gave me strength."

By Justine van der Leun 10/29/10

GlaxoSmithKline agrees to pay $750 million to settle drug allegations

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U.S. prosecutors say the British pharmaceutical company knowingly manufactured adulterated drugs at a plant in Puerto Rico.

GlaxoSmithKline agrees to pay $750 million to settle drug allegations

British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline will pay $750 million to settle allegations that it knowingly manufactured and sold adulterated drugs, including the popular antidepressant Paxil, federal prosecutors in Massachusetts said Tuesday.

U.S. Atty. Carmen Ortiz announced that the London company would pay $150 million in criminal fines and $600 million in civil penalties related to faulty manufacturing processes at its plant in Cidra, Puerto Rico. The company allowed several drugs to be adulterated between 2001 and 2005, including Paxil CR, a skin-infection ointment called Bactroban and an anti-nausea drug called Kytril.

GlaxoSmithKline said in a statement that it regretted operating the plant in a manner that violated good manufacturing practices. The company said the plant closed in 2009 because of declining demand for the medicines made there.

Ortiz said that no patients appeared to have been harmed by the quality problems at the plant, which included failing to ensure that Bactroban and Kytril were free of contamination from microorganisms and causing Paxil controlled-release tablets to split, causing the potential distribution of tablets that did not have any therapeutic effect.

The investigation began after Cheryl Eckard, the company's global quality-assurance manager, went to the Food and Drug Administration to report problems at the Puerto Rico plant.

Eckard, who worked at GlaxoSmithKline's offices in North Carolina, said she was fired in 2003 after repeatedly reporting the problems to her superiors and the company's compliance department.

"This is not something I ever wanted to do, but because of patient safety issues, it was necessary," Eckard said after the settlement was announced Tuesday.

As a whistle-blower, Eckard will receive $96 million of the settlement paid by the company.

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