Friday, May 22nd

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Westchester Fights Fracking

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altFracking is our Number One Public Health Risk right now, and if we don't rise up and fight, we will lose. Billions of dollars are aligned against us. All we have on our side is the ability to educate the public of the dangers to our water and air. Please join me February 13th, 7PM, in Greenburgh. 

Our Air, Water And Food At Risk: Update On Hydrofracking In New York

Greenburgh Nature Center

Meeting Time: 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 7:00pm

Ellen Weininger, of the organization Grassroots Environmental Education, will focus on public health impacts of hydrofracking and initiatives on the local, state, and national level whether or not NYS begins the permitting process. Grassroots Environmental Education is a New York, science-based, environmental health non-profit, providing public education on environmental health issues and practical solutions for schools, local and state governments, community groups, environmental and health organizations in the Northeast and nationwide. Grassroots, working directly with a network of leading medical and scientific experts in the field of environmental health, bridges the gap between emerging science and public understanding through communication and programs for education and advocacy.

Erin Heaton Meyer, a resident of both Westchester and Chenango Counties, one of 5 counties being considered for fracking by Governor Cuomo, will speak to how Governor Cuomo's choice affects New Yorkers both up- and downstate. Erin is a member of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and our Lower Hudson Group.

Refreshments by Sierra Club at 7:00, program starts at 7:30.